SpectraCAM 84






 ● CID (Charge Injection Device)

 ● GdO2SコーティングでX線イメージング可能

 ● 幅広い感度領域165-1000nm

 ● ハイダイナミック28bit

 ● ノンディストラクティブリードアウト(NDRO)



 ■ 仕様

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 ● ハイダイナミックレンジカタログ pdf_logo1 (和文:267KB) 更新日:2012.1

 ● SpectraCAM 84カタログ pdf_logo1 (英文:749KB) 更新日時:2012.1



 SpectraCAM86 and SpectraCAM84 scientific imaging sysytems

 Imager Pixel Full Well



540 x 540 pixels

1024x1024 pixels

>500, 000 e-

>500, 000 e-

 Readout Noise Binning

 <240 e- single read @ 50kHz

 <24 e- with 128 NDRO' s

Independent horizontal and vertical
columns and 4 rows may be read collectively and
Non destructively (NDRO).

 Pixel Size  Dark Current
  27microns by 27 microns <7 e- per second per pixel at -45

 Linearity  ROI
  +/- 3% from 3% to 80% of saturation  <20usec. delay between ROI selection

 Quantum Efficiency  Cooling
 >45% @ 550nm and >30% @ 200nm
*Deep UV and X-Ray converter coatings available for use below 165nm
 3 stage TE cooler with water recirculation

 Readout Speed Selectable  Sealed, (SpectraCAM84 only)
 Slow Scan 50 kHz
 Fast Scan 200kHz
 Hermetic sealed 3 years, Integrated water jacket
 Purified Argon or Nitrogen at 60 - 80 mL/min

 RAI (Random Access Integration) Software Drivers

Fixed Exposure Time: User programmed ROIs integrated for user-selected exposure time analogous to CCD exposure.
Random Access Integration: Integration time automatically varied at ROI site based on experimentally observed signal. Using non-Destructive read, collective
read, and ROI clear features, intensely illuminated ROIs are integrated for multiple short integration times while weakly illuminated ROIs are simultaneously
allowed to integrate for longer periods, allowing for the extension of the dynamic range up to 108 or 28 bits.

  TRS (Time Resolve) Software Drivers (OPTIONAL)
TRS Drivers allow for the observation of ROI signal profile with respect to time for multiple ROIs. The algorithms allow user programmable time resolution as
short as 100 microseconds for a single ROI. The algorithms are specifically designed for time-resolved techniques such as gas and liquid chromatography,
flow injection analysis, and laser or spark ablation.

  AutoIntegrate Drivers (OPTIONAL)
AutoIntegrate drivers allow the user to automatically combine the complete field of view offered by a full-frame “Fixed-Time” exposure with the extended
dynamic range of the “Random Access Integration” algorithms described above, allowing for 107 dynamic range (24-bits) on a full-frame image without compromising





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